Global Impact Ministries

Dick Joyce

In 1976, Dick and Lou Joyce moved from southern California to Puebla, Mexico. Dick had already been in full-time traveling ministry for seven years before that, and the young couple had formed what was then a thriving church in Pasadena. That move to south central Mexico proved to be a turning point in their lives, and Latin America became the primary focus of their ministry. Fluent in Spanish, for the past thirty-seven years Dick has conducted leadership seminars, pastors’ conferences and evangelistic events in the major cities of Mexico and Central America.

In addition to serving in the leadership of a local church in Puebla, for several years in the late seventies Joyce led a series of follow-up rallies in Panama for El Club PTL, a widely acclaimed Spanish television program under the direction of missionaries Elmer and Lee Bueno. In these monthly meetings, many hundreds of people were converted to Christ over a three year period. Equally important, Christians who had watched the television program were grounded in the abc’s of the faith.

Three decades later, Joyce was ministering in Panama, and dozens of people approached him to say that they’d been converted in those PTL follow-up meetings. No fewer than five pastors came to him to say they’d been converted in those meetings. In a scholarly book written several years ago, the writer listed Dick Joyce among the ten most influential leaders who brought the message of the Charismatic renewal to CentralAmerica.

To a lesser degree, Dick and Global Impact have had outreach to India. During the nineties he spent an average of three weeks yearly in that nation, ministering to congregations of up to twelve thousand. In one service alone in New Delhi, a thousand people surged to the front of the massive tent to open their lives to Jesus.

From building simple homes for struggling families in northern Mexico to helping to sponsor the education and discipleship of scores of street kids in Nicaragua, this ministry seeks to combine the preaching of the gospel with practical ways of alleviating poverty. Global Impact also provides university scholarship for several Christian young men in Nicaragua.

Since his wife Lou went to be with the Lord in 2010 after thirty-seven years of marriage, Dick moved to Phoenix, Arizona and has traveled from there both in the United States and in Latin America. However, in an amazing turn of events, during a worship service at Bethel Church in Redding, CA (Dick’s home church), the Lord spoke a surprising word to him. “You belong in Mexico.” As a result of that word, Dick bought a home in Querétaro, three hours north of Mexico City, which has become his principle residence. From there he continues to travel to churches throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Known as a prophet, Dick not only preaches with a prophetic touch, he also ministers a personal word to individuals in the congregation, bringing comfort and new hope to Christians of virtually every denomination.

Michael, Dick’s elder son, serves Global Impact as its chief administrative executive. Ryan, his younger son, lives in Nashville, Tennesse, where he is an active member of his church.